Product description

Furnishing with light. Superficie is a wall lamp of great presence and geometric impact, in a very slender design. The shape – a clean, unusual oval – and above all the movement of concave and convex points, with its resulting game of light and shadow, make Superficie a refined protagonist of any space, even when the light is off. When it is on, the lamp spreads intense light, but always without glare.

The two-dimensional essence of Superficie is based on the potential of LED technology: the light source has been miniaturised to permit minimal thickness and remarkably clean form. Much more than a lighting tool, Superficie becomes an iconic presence in domestic or public spaces: it illuminates while decorating, and decorates even when it emits no light.

Slim and versatile, Superficie can be installed vertically or horizontally. It brings character to spaces while reducing encumbrance to a minimum, making it ideal for narrow passages or places where bulk could be problematic. Conceived as a soloist, Superficie also works well in ensembles.

Emission classA+
Stand/ mountingfixed mounting
Diffuser/reflector shapeoval
Materialacrylic (PMMA)

Foscarini, Italy

Calvi e Brambilla

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