Duetto 2

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Product description

In 2008 Hanna Korvela Design presents DUETTO2: both familiar and unknown, strong as the first DUETTO but very different by nature; fresh and lucid. DUETTO’s base is the geometrical rhythmic of two natural materials, paper yarn and cotton. In DUETTO2 the n

atural tone of the paper yarn has been replaced by pure white. The light-reflecting paper yarn gives DUETTO2 a simpler character, cooler and more urban.
The clean and simplified tones of DUETTO2 have their ground in the soil of the Nordic. The threedim

ensional surface brings life to the carpet and is firm to the touch.
The DUETTO2 collection has all the well-known qualities of DUETTO carpet. DUETTO2 is also dust-free, durable and recyclable. As a cooperation product of Finnish Allergy and Asthma ass

ociation, DUETTO and DUETTO2 carpets are perfect choices for allergic homes.

materials: 100% cotton and paper yarn
production technique: hand woven
sizes: custom sizes, maximum width 3,00 m
colours: 8 colours for cotton (white, cream, ston

e, nutria, grey, brown, yellow, black), paper yarn white

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Hanna Korvela, Finland

Hanna Korvela