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Product description

The darkness of fall and polar nights have given birth to new DUETTO3 model to join with familiar Duetto carpets. The base of DUETTO is the combination and shifting of two natural materials, paper yarn and cotton, on the carpet’s surface.
In the new DU

ETTO3 carpet the familiar natural colour of the paper yarn has switched to black. The coal black paper brings interesting tension to carpet’s structure as it shifts with the softer cotton.
A year ago in spring, the DUETTO2 model was born, which brought

a bright white colour to carpet’s paper yarn. Now DUETTO carpet is available with natural-coloured, white and black paper yarn. Each colour brings its own character to carpet’s three-dimensional surface.
Strong and timeless DUETTO carpet that is regar

ded as a classic, has been the heart of Hanna Korvela Design’s production since it was awarded with the prestigious Red Dot design award in 1997.
The new collection carries with it all good qualities of DUETTO. DUETTO3 is also dust-free, durable and re


materials: cotton, paper yarn
production technique: hand woven
sizes: custom sizes, maximum width 3,00 m
colours: 8 colours for cotton, paper yarn black, warp black

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Hanna Korvela, Finland

Hanna Korvela

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