Standard door fitting

Standard door fitting
Product description

Standard door fitting in R-technology with backplates according to DIN 18255 and EN 1906 made of high-quality matt polyamide, consisting of: Lever handle model 111PBR U-shaped made of high-quality matt polyamide with corrosion resistant steel insert, diameter 20 mm, with stepped shoulder guide and groove, easily installed by latching the lever handle into the base parts pre-mounted on the door. The latching can be released using the dismantling tool. The lever handle fulfils the requirements of EN 179 and DIN 18040.
Backplate: model 230.20PBR, backplate substructure made of synthetic material-stainless steel composite, can be used for left and right-hand opening doors. Fixed rotating bearing of the lever handle with automatically latching all-round locking and 5 mm journal as maintenance-free plain bearing with elastic compensating area and second journal in the neck of the lever handle. Concealed, non-loosening screwed joint with M4 screw and sleeve combination as well as the pivot disappearing into the door leaf. Backplate cap made of high-quality polyamide, solid colour, 46 x 168 mm, 11 mm high, flat, 1.5 mm wall thickness.

Designed and tested for the projects segment, user category to EN 1906 - Class 2 or Class 4
user category: Class 2
fitting with spindle 7 mm user
category: Class 4 fitting with spindle 8 - 8.5 mm
Durability: Class 7
Door weight: No classification specified
Fire resistance: Class 0
Safety: Class 1
Corrosion resistance: Class 4
Burglary protection: Class 0
Type of operation: U

Article no.: HEWI 111PBR01.110

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HEWI, Germany


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