All things glitter: At the ISH, almost all the manufacturers offered fittings and mixers in gold, silver and bronze tones – in this case at the Grohe booth.

ISH 2017
A true trove of bronze, silver and gold

Gold, silver and bronze for fittings at the ISH. Almost enough to give you wings.
by Fabian Peters | 3/22/2017

Gold, silver, bronze – precious metals are almost ubiquitous on faucets at this year’s ISH. And alongside these gleaming metals often you’ll spy shades of graphite or black with a matte finish. Some booths said that in particular the gold finishes were destined to first launch on the US and Asian markets. Many manufacturers evidently feel that the corresponding products will also sell in Europe.

How different Hewi’s approach to color for its first collections of bathroom fittings. The lever for the single-lever washstand mixer AQ 800 K culminates in a replaceable plastic cap available in 16 different color tones – a joyful design element for kid’s bathtubs, and possibly not just for them. The “Mayday” mixer by Antonio Lupi exudes a similar bright mood: a big red button that you simply have to grab. 

“Push the Button”: the “Mayday mixer” by Antonio Lupi

Apart from such playful features, most of the designs are pared down, if not minimalist. In this regard, Axor’s “Uno” mixer series and Keuco’s “IXMO” are very striking examples among the novelties on show. The latter features a wall-mounted fixture with a chromed pipe set like a dial on the wall, and a mixer mounted to one side of it. At Laufen the “Val” series designed by Konstantin Grcic is on show, with an eye-catching conical shape. Dornbracht’s new “Vaia” mixer line, the brainchild of Sieger Design, combines the archetypal thrust of Dornbracht’s classic “Tara” with somewhat more flowing lines that ensure there is nothing overly stylized about it for all the reduced look.

Mario Trimarchi has come up with something quite different, namely the “Swan” mixer for Hansa’s Alessi series; presented at the ISH the swan is not just a name but evidently the role model. It sources water through its curved neck and is operated by two wing-shaped dials. No doubt there’ll be a lot of debate about it, but one thing is for sure: it certainly steps out of the line of standard products.

Electronically controlled mixers were on show at various booths. KWC’s “Concept B01”, for example, can not only stop the water flow as of a pre-set time, but can also be programmed to perform automatic rinses for longer phases in-between use – there’s even a tooth-brushing program with a countdown function. The new smart faucets can do many things. But not yet check whether you brushed your teeth properly.

The new #1: Axor presents its new “Uno” faucet series.
Less is more: IXMO-faucet by Keuco
Colorful: Hewi’s new AQ 800 K is available in 16 different color tones.
In the mood for Vaia: Moodboard with the new Dornbracht fitting.
Swan song at Hansa: The new “Swan” mixer from Hansa’s Alessi line
Faucet with its own display: KWC presented its electronic “Concept B01” mixer at the ISH.