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One programme – 1000 options
just cube lives up to its name. It‘s hard to imagine furniture that is more cubic and more purist. This is thanks to the fine design language and cover panels behind the front that are surrounded on all sides.

Whether a lowboard, sideboard, display cabinet, high storage furniture or unusual free-standing items: different base frames and round legs, together with the graphic planning philosophy and more sizes, mean a chosen creation can be individually fitted to any room.

just cube bold
The design of the just cube version with the expressive recessed grip is deliberately based on horizontal lines. The cover panels behind the front and the consistently mitred fronts and sides underscore the cubic character of the furniture. As does the cover panel, which is framed on all four sides.

The modular system offers a choice of 6 heights, 6 widths and 2 depths. As well as various legs and a low or high frame that can greatly vary the character of the furniture. On the outer modules and room divider, the recessed grips are on every side.

just cube light
Pure fronts, almost invisible lines: thanks to the clear design language, the elegant materials and the skilled craftsmanship of their production are seen at their very best. Fine side panels emphasise the vertical and, together with the grooved fronts and edging strip, frame the lowered cover panel.

Modules in 7 widths, 11 heights and 2 depths, along with almost 100 colours and materials, offer a virtually endless range of design options. Display cabinets, narrow high modules, legs and base frames in 2 heights add to the palette of choices. From a graphically designed sideboard and lowboard to high storage furniture and filigree display cabinets to unusual and exclusive individual items of furniture.

just cube light is available handle-less or with graphic handles.

interlübke, Germany

Werner Aisslinger

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