Analytiklabor Roche, Kaiseraugst

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Product description

F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG have constructed a new office block and laboratory on their premises in Kaiseraugst, Switzerland which has been clad with a highly energy efficient Closed Cavity Façade (CCF-Façade). A closed double-skin façade with clean room stan-dards in certain areas. The building has eight floors comprising two basements, ground floor, four upper floors as well as a recessed top floor.

The building is approx. 60 m long, approx. 30 m wide and 25 m high and the façade area measures approx. 2.100 m². The rear-ventilated louvre cladding on the ground, 1st and top floors measures approx. 700 m².

Taking into consideration prevailing climatic conditions on site the sealed façade cavity is constantly supplied with conditioned air. In this way pressure release is made possible and condensate formation is prevented. The air supply to the façade cavity is carried out by an in-house compressed air system integrated into the basement of the building. A network of low pressure piping and a system of tubes connect each façade unit to the air supply.

An 80 mm wide electrically operated, light deflecting, horizontal louvresystem has been integrated into the façade cavity and acts as sun and glare protection.

The sealed façade cavity is constantly supplied with conditioned air.

All pictures: Analytiklabor, Kaiseraugst, Schweiz
Architects: Nissen & Wentzlaff Architekten BSA SIA AG, Basel

Photo © Stephan Liebl, Dillingen

Josef Gartner, Germany