Roche Diagnostics International AG, Rotkreuz

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Product description

A world first, Roche Diagnostics has been outfit with a highly efficient CCF-façade (Closed Cavity Façade), a major contribution to the building’s sophisticated, sustainable energy concept. The building is approx. 68 m (223 ft) high with an oversized ground floor and 15 upper floors. V-shaped concrete columns are located directly behind the external envelope. These columns form a four story diamond structure over the full height of the building. The CCF-façade comprises an innovative closed, non-ventilated, double skin system developed by our group. Considering the individual climatic conditions at the building site, a nozzle steadily feeds clean dry air into the closed curtain wall cavity, thus allowing pressure release and preventing condensation.

The new 68 m high office building of Roche Diagnostics AG in Rotkreuz offers space for 630 employees and belongs to a number of further rebuilding measures upgrading the site in Rotkreuz.

The multi-storey building is 33.50 m long and 28.10 m wide. The height above ground is 68.30 m with an oversized ground floor and another 15 upper floors.

The V- and A-shaped concrete columns together with the internal cores and the wall panels serve as reinforcement of the building. The curtain wall area of the Tower comprises approx. 7,800 m².

The curtain wall system used is a double skin, closed, not ventilated Closed Cavity Façade (abbreviated CCF-Façade).

All pictures: Roche Diagnostics International AG, Rotkreuz/ZG, Schweiz
Architects: Burckhardt + Partner AG, Basel

Photo © Thomas Mayer

Josef Gartner, Germany

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