Anatole chair

Product description

The high stool family is a unique proposition as a counter offer to the ultra ergonomical machines, designed for the workplace where people are supposed to sit 8 or more hours on a single chair and desk position for a day long. Many evidence suggests that, this situation does not represent the future of work habitats, and its inhabitant’s habits. The basic colour selection represents the fundemental colours that symbolise the modern language, however the palette includes selections with black leather or other basic leather colours that can help enrich an inspiring colour palette.

The unique and very simple geometry of the back support for this high stool allows for numerous postures for the user in the day time, to relate to their work top, to use the upper bar as a back support or as a front bar to lean on to. This dynamic and free use of the stool, definitely addresses the habits of the millennials and their work styles and the agile work culture that is in rise.

Seat finishwith upholstery
Base finishwith star shaped base
with castors
Backrest finishwith backrest
with back padding
Armrest finishwithout armrests
height adjustable
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Koleksiyon, Germany

Jean Michel Wilmotte