Gala Office Chair

  • Gala Office Chair
  • Gala Office Chair
  • Gala Office Chair
  • Gala Office Chair
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Product description

Gala who has been a great muse for Paul Eluard and Salvador Dali respectively has now been an inspiration for this novel design. The chair’s technically advanced details are all concealed behind the feminine outlines which present a seductive charm from all angles that she is viewed. With several innovative details and solutions Gala is a novel chair design platform which is inspired from nature that brings a fresh taste to the working and meeting zones in the contemporary office environment. The most characteristic part of the chair is the back frame. The form of the frame is developed through a study on the structure of the tree barks by the ocean coasts. The back structure of Gala chair changes its shape and sectional direction due to the weight and relative forces. The knitted fabric on the back frame supports the lumbar and the back. The patented fabric mesh has a very unique structure and high resilience, providing the perfect support taking the shape of the spine of its user. The self protective structure of the special fabric, which avoids the expansion of any holes and punctures -even under pressure-, also gives it a unique quality. As well the handles are a unique proposition in this new platform. Instead of searching for a set of levers under the seat, the user can operate the mechanism with a simple set of pull buttons that are angled outside like a skirt at the two sides. This feature makes it much easier for the user to control the adjustments.

Seat finishwith upholstery
Base finishwith castors
Backrest finishwith backrest
Armrest finishwith armrests

Koleksiyon, Germany

Koray Malhan

Gerhard Reichert