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Presented:Orgatec 2016, Cologne
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Product description

This project started with the ADD seating system, designed by Francesco Rota and awarded with several prizes. The idea behind that was meeting the multiple requirements of the contract market (when designing hotel rooms, waiting rooms, lounge areas, private studios, corridors); still, it can well be adapted to the residential. The seating system consists of a basic structure on which you can place backrests, cushions, table tops and other equipment. In this way, ADD makes different solutions possible: simple compact modules like a two-seater sofa or complex seating systems equipped with small table tops, trays, magazine racks, side tables, including sockets to recharge smartphones or tablets, typical of the contract. 

Going into detail about the structure, each frame is made by extruded aluminum profiles linked by aluminum joints and has elastic belts above, to increase the comfort; each frame is a single module standing on die-cast aluminum legs, lacquered in black or white like the frame; when you connect 2 modules, you can avoid having a double foot using a special linking-system made of a single foot. The very shape of the pads, being they more stuffed in the middle, draws the attention to the seat itself. The same effect is also achieved by a marked, contrasting stitching. These features typically characterize an industrial product enriched by handcraft working. The seat-backs are padded too in order to provide support to the back and are at the same time  thin and elegant.

Besides the seating and the table, the ADD collection has been further improved, going as far as the storage unit. The storage units of ADD-S play with modules exactly as the seating system has done since 2014 with increasing success. You can combine any 90 cm – modules of metal available in three different heights (40cm, 70 cm and 115 cm) and having a depth of 45 cm in order to store objects, books or files very easily. The storage unit can be either open or closed by drawers or doors, both available in several finishing. Moreover, it has two fronts, allowing you to place it conveniently in the middle of a room, as required in a modern office environment open to new interpretations. Such system allows the greatest freedom in composing and personalizing. The doors of the storage unit can be in lacquered plywood, in blanched oak or upholstered in fabric. Therefore, there is the possibility of playing with the colors of the fabric: you can mix and match –for a fresh look- or keep ton sur ton –for a refined look. In both cases, the color matching between the cushions of ADD seating and the upholstery of the storage units results in a unique, coherent style. 

ADD was conceived to meet a particular requirement in the contract market: the need for a versatile, elegant, essential piece of furniture that adapts to the existing architecture. ADD is now an innovative system where two main characteristics converge: an accurate sense of planning and lapalma’s ability as well as industrial capability.

Width900 mm
Height400 mm / 700 mm / 1150 mm
Depth450 mm
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Lapalma, Italy

Francesco Rota

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