Fork Big

Product description

More than a table. A system.
Universal, versatile, suitable for any use, it changes thanks to the many possible configurations.
At the base of FORK, the new table designed by Tomoya Tabuchi for lapalma, is the concept of "leg system", which provides the ability to expand, potentially indefinitely, many versions of a table. It can be used in the office or in other areas: alone in its larger variants, or grouped, in compositions.
Inspired by the branches of a tree, which adapt to the environment, or to the flow of a river that runs along its banks, the leg system developed for FORK provides some common parts in die-cast aluminum: a structure that allows varying the configuration, playing on different finishes of legs or columns.
FORK includes an entire family of tables, in different materials, alone or combined with each other, with different heights, shapes and finishes, both for the top and for the legs.
Functional and intended for further developments and extensions, FORK is designed for the "light office", increasingly characterizing workspaces and "open" domestic environments, but also contract spaces intended for multiple and differentiated uses.

Technical features:
H 74 cm, 110 cm
L Ø 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110 cm; oval 200, 220, 240 cm
Top finishings: Blanched oak, black open pore, white lacquered, Fenix white/black.
Joint finishings: Black/white lacquered.
Leg finishings: Blanched oak, black open pore, white/black lacquered.

Height740 mm
Diameter600 mm / 700 mm / 800 mm / 900 mm / 1000 mm / 1100 mm
Table finishfour-legged table
Table top shapecircular
shades of brown
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Lapalma, Italy

Tomoya Tabuchi