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Ellipsoid flood

Ellipsoid flood

Light source and light steering determine light form and function. Ellipsoidal reflector light with two separately rotatable and adjustable reflectors and integrated ballasts. The elliptical double-focus-reflector exactly bundles the light of the lamps to

the focal point of the small and therefore inexpensive lens system before the only 30 mm light exit opening of the reflector. By turning the lens holder, the lens changes the focal point and the angle of the light beam can be adjusted continuously betwee

n 20 ° and 50 °.

The light is particularly HIT-TC-CE high-pressure metal halide lamps designed. These modern lamps have an excellent energy balance, a very long life and produce a pleasant light with consistently excellent color rendering. Two hig

h-quality electronic ballasts ensure optimal lamp-friendly operation.

Due to these advantages, this bright, energy-saving lamp with its uniform, large-area or punctual lighting is particularly suitable for presentations in shops, fairs or exhibiti

ons. This new light, equipped with a 3-phase adapter for power rails, offers a large variety of applications. The lamp is manufactured of metallic colored aluminum.

Ellipsoid flood


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