Achim Jungbluth


Products by Achim Jungbluth

Up to now Achim Junbluth designs only for his company LFF Licht Form Funktion Leuchten Gmbh. Licht Form Funktion is both, the name and philosophy of the company. The intelligent combination of these three ideas in all LFF products is the central goal of the company Licht Form Funktion.

The CO-AX low voltage circuit profile with a high cross-section which is protected against short circuit and for an efficient energy supply by a small measurement was the first assignment pretended by themselves. The result is a circuit leading double side tube. At a diameter of only 18 mm it is an ideal carrier of low voltage energy. The CO-AX low-voltage system is completed with a range of fixtures, which have been designed to meet the highest quality.

One year after its introduction to the market the DESIGN CENTER STUTTGART appreciated the CO-AX low-voltage lighting system in 1989 with an award. In 1991 the system received the sign approval by VDE. ln 1998 was the luminary CAD honoured by the Industrie Forum Design, Hannover and got the IF DESIGN AWARD BEST OF CATEGORY LIGHTING.

Additional product groups are lighting series Cardan and actually the luminary Ellipsoid. From the beginning, the technical and design concepts have proven capable and adaptable to many applications. The many applications of LFF luminaries in the area of Iight projection and it popularity with lighting designers speaks well for the advantages of this product. The repeated publication of multiple applications in many lighting and design orientated magazines is evidence of the high quality of ligth as weIl as the beauty that can be achieved in lighting with the LFF luminaries and also the Designer.