Presented:Euroluce 2011, Milan
Categories: Interior lightingPendant lights
Product description

The basis for creating the first pendant for Lightyears was just as concrete: To design the optimum, energy-friendly pendant for the dining table, which provides the table with concentrated, non-dazzling light. The pendant must take up as little space as

possible, and the shape must be experienced as being "flat".

The design
The Juicy pendant design is logical, simple and functional. The various parts of the lamp; the wire, cone and shade come together seamlessly which makes the pendant seem like a

n organic whole. The light is warm and concentrated, but never dazzles the beholder, regardless of the angle from which you view it.

The details
Juicy's glossy surface is broken elegantly by a shining ring where the cone turns into the shade. Th

e shining ring serves several purposes: Partly it emphasises the part where the lamp is separated for change of light source, and partly it emits a discrete light which elegantly illuminates the surface of the pendant. In strong daylight it can often be d

ifficult to see whether a lamp is on or off. The shining ring helps determine that.

Towards the bottom Juicy is finished off with a honeycomb-filter, which effectively concentrates the light while preventing dazzling at the same time. It softens th

e light and contributes to the experience of a warm and friendly light – regardless of whether you use traditional low-energy light sources or the latest LED alternatives. Quite specifically, Juicy is created to utilise the light source technology of the

future in the best way possible.

Height440 mm
Diameter435 mm
Diffuser/reflector shapeconic

Lightyears, Denmark

Kasper Salto

Thomas Sigsgaard