Kasper Salto

Overgaden oven Vandet 54
DK 1416 Copenhagen

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Products by Kasper Salto

Statement: "Evolution in nature is the best point of origin for ultimate design” Nature is tough when it comes to creating lasting “design.” All superfluous details are cast away in the struggle to en

sure a species’ continued existence. Designer Kasper Salto and architect Thomas Sigsgaard use the same demands of selection and sorting as the basis for their designs. They have shared a studio for a number of years, but joined a formal partnership

in illumination design with Lightyears in 2004. Neither Kasper Salto nor Thomas Sigsgaard find professional or personal satisfaction in simply continuing a familiar style. They wipe the slate clean, and work intensely with the d

evelopment process itself to create a unique and thoroughly conceived design.

In developing a lamp, Kasper Salto and Thomas Sigsgaard concentrate on the specific lighting situation. Accordingly, the final design is always a direct

result of the demands the lighting solution is expected to meet. As they say, you get further thinking about light, than by thinking about an upside-down salad bowl with a light bulb in it. Their nominal universe springs from the constant evolution of na

ture. Thus, the keyword is “Mutants.” Partly to describe the sudden mutation which is always necessary to survive, and to signal the ability to adapt to changes in environment over time.