Product description

Creative research on the dematerialization of light is a key aspect of the work of Francisco Gomez Paz for Luceplan, and finds new expression in Bulbullia, a wall lamp that suggests the delicate beauty of soap bubbles.

The aesthetic nonchalance of Bulbullia – a light, almost disembodied object – is the result of in-depth know how, technical study and the use of technologies and materials of the highest quality. A series of parabola of different sizes intersect to generate the characteristic geometric form of soap bubbles; conical, broad and flat shapes, each composed of a silhouette in white polycarbonate, slightly bent to take on a structural nature. Each bubble has a light source at its center: it contains the core of the lamp, and thanks to built-in dimmable LEDs spreads appealing, soft light that is reflected towards the inside of the cone, enhancing the matte finish.

By freely grouping multiple Bulbullia lamps it is possible to create strikingly unique, original combinations. A visual effect that is delicate but of great decorative impact, based on careful study of proportions and impressions: poetry and technique blended in a single product, ideal to add a touch of organic refinement to any space.

Light regulationstepless dimmer

Luceplan, Italy

Francisco Gomez Paz