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The light of tranquility

The sound-absorbing luminaire “Silenzio” by Luceplan enables guests to enjoy the quiet in a restaurant in airy heights in Italy’s Aosta Valley.
Designer Monica Armani opted for a flat shape that is available with a diameter up to 150 cm and combines lighting with aesthetic sound insulation.

“Bellevue” is the name of the restaurant furnished by interior designers Roberto Rosset and Danilo Montovert in the Italian Alps above the town of Courmayeur – at a height of 2,400 meters. Located in the intermediate station of a new cable car system in Italy’s Valle d’Aosta, Bellevue restaurant offers an opportunity to stop for a bite while enjoying a spectacular view of the mountains. 

The restaurant dining hall bears the name “Dames Anglaises”, or “English Ladies”, after the bizarrely shaped rock formation of the Mont Blanc massif. Because the focus is intended to be on the view, the interior features subtle beige and brown tones. The only color accents are the large luminaires “Silenzio” in orange by Luceplan, who are available in a wide range of colours. Designer Monica Armani, who created “Silenzio”, opted for a flat shape that is available in diameters up to 150 cm and combines functional lighting with aesthetic sound insulation. The in-set LED luminaire is encircled by a corrugated layer of polyester foam that not only pleasantly disperses the light, but also provides ambient sound insulation. As such the circular luminaires with their soft lines not only make for a visual contrast, but also enable guests to enjoy the view of the Valle d’Aosta in tranquility. (rw)

The Pavillon du Mont Fréty above the Aosta Valley in Italy was built at a height of 2,400 meters.
The soft, round forms of Luceplan "Silenzio" luminaires constitute a pleasant contrast to the puristic furnishing concept.


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