Compendium Circle

Compendium Circle
Product description

The design language of Daniel Rybakken returns to its reliance on the intrinsic power of basic geometric forms, turning this time to the symbol of harmony par excellence: the circle. An extension of the Compendium family, Circle is a lamp with a poetic nature and an essential design, whose lightness is sust ained by LED technology, inst alled to permit direct emission when pointed downward, or diff used light when aimed upward. It is also possible to combine up to three rings of diff erent diameters to give rise to diff erent confi gurations and luminous scenarios of great visual impact .

Height 3000 mm
Diameter 720 mm / 1100 mm / 2000 mm
Material aluminium
Colors black
gold / brass
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Luceplan, Italy

Daniel Rybakken

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