Presented:Orgatec 2016, Cologne
Categories: Interior lightingPendant lights
Room acousticsPendant panels
Product description

A partition, a ceiling, that surprisingly becomes light. Rigorous linear design for the new Diade suspension lamp. After the success of Silenzio, Monica Armani continues her research on new technical lighting solutions that offer high levels of sound absorbing performance. 

A linear LED lamp for the workplace; a modular architectural feature capable of defining space and personalizing the context. The two “wing” panels can be positioned vertically or horizontally to create a partition or a large ceiling element. 

The two solutions address issues of lighting, sound absorption and the upper facing of spaces in a single strategy, eliminating the need for suspended ceilings. The panels, thermoformed with sound-absorbing wadding, are shaped and marked by lines that have a simultaneously decorative and structural role. 

The technical LED lighting, ideal for work, is directly downward by the central line, with the possibility of two beams, depending on lighting requirements. The fabric of the covering complies with all regulations for workspaces and public facilities; it is thermoformed and cut with lasers. 

This exclusive design by Monica Armani is available in a range of different colors and generates a particularly refined couture effect. Diade is a technical lamp of great visual impact, with an evocative image, on or off, to add character and warmth to any space in a unique, recognizable way.


LED 45W 


5200 lm (1188 cm) 

7800 lm (1747 cm) 

nominal lumen output

Diffuser/reflector shaperectangular
Fabric functionsacoustical absorption
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Luceplan, Italy

Monica Armani