Geco Wall lamp

Presented:Euroluce 2007, Milan
Categories: Interior lightingSurface mounted lightsWall mounted lights
Product description

Geco is a new way of thinking about light: it's the top of versatility. 7 L.E.D.-heads are mounted on two ribbons of flexible steel, fixed to "articulated" bases to "move" and give a shape to its curves.Geco adapts itself to every situation and brings light where, how and when you wish. Light only, no shadow: the light is not coming from only one source but it's wrapping the objects. They are lit in a complete and uniform way.

"For this innovative design we finally exploited new technologies: we were not content with a conventional use of new technologies. We endeavoured to realise a project of innovation. Geco is, actually, a turning-point in the conceiving process of a lamp: no more distinction among table, floor or wall lamp but just one only object to meet all requirements."

Geco is an actual step to energy saving. 67 lumen per Watt(6 times a normal incandescent bulb).Geco uses the newest, US-born top-efficiency LED-heads: 5000°K and 75 lumen (minimum guaranteed). Geco exploits all the qualities of LED technology made in the USA. As we are aware of its fast and continuous evolution, we made it possible for you to replace each individual LED-head. In fact the future will offer you LED-heads that will be more and more efficient for lighting and energy saving. You will always have the opportunity to update Geco with the newest technologies available.

Lumina presents Geco in 3 finishes: white, black and graphite. Soon available in the best shops.

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Lumina Italia, Italy

Fabio De Silva

Jaime Lozoya