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How a passion for gardening and the desire for style and quality sparked a business idea, and became a company. Inspired by the great Country Garden Tradition, Heinz Holert founded Garpa in 1979 and introduced the first collection of high-quality teak furniture to German gardens. It all began with the teak bench 'Rothesay', which carries the serial number '1', and which stands to this day, a nobly weathered, but strong and beautiful presence in the garden of our headquarters in Escheburg.

Out of the private passion for the garden and the desire for the highest quality, emerged an idea, and then a company, and finally a concept and embodiment of excellence, as gradually the small, but fine collection became known and sought after among insiders. In Germany the name of Garpa became synonymous with the great Country Garden Tradition and with furniture, enduring, timelessly beautiful, and completely removed from the whims of fashion and impervious to the ravages of weather.

As interest in high-quality furniture grew, so did the company, and of course, the collection. Today the catalogue represents a whole range of furniture developed in collaboration with renowned designers and manufacturers, and marketed exclusively by Garpa.

The spirit of the great Garden Tradition is constantly evolving within the collection - new materials have, and will continue to become accessible, to inspire design and be integrated into the classics. Materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and a weatherproof synthetic fibre, are just a few which have created exciting opportunities for the development of new lines. Today the company is managed, in the second generation, by Katja Holert, who shares with her father, the same passion for life in the open air and the desire for products of superb quality. The Garpa collection is presented directly to private households, architects and interior designers through the catalogue, which provides in a very individual customer service, everything from advice to delivery.

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