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Morgen was founded in 1997 by architect Sabine Mühlbauer and artist Thomas Tritsch and today employs 12 people. The Morgen studio understands itself as a mediator between very different professions: architecture, design, art, writing, music, event or

ganisation and the trades. At Frankfurt Osthafen Morgen develop space concepts and furniture for trade exhibitions, museums, the catering sector, shops, offices and the interior design sector.

Morgen takes projects from concept to implementatio

n and cultivates a unique approach to life and work. The furniture collection focuses on tomorrow’s lifestyles – the products are meant to be used for living and working. They function as stand-alones but can also be combined and transformed.

The high-quality base materials include film-coated birch ply, aluminium, precious veneers and solid timber. Morgen furniture is available in various sizes, combinations and materials and is distributed in many European countries as well as in New York.

The details are as simple as possible, the design is reduced to the essentials, allowing the pieces to be what they want to be. Morgen furniture avoids pretentiousness and instead displays character; nothing is superficial. There is nothing to prove, the

products are no showpieces – the more they integrate themselves without being submissive the better.

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