Play Shelf

Presented:imm cologne 2008, Cologne
Categories: Home furnitureStorage / ShelvingShelf systems
Product description

The shelf PLAY SHELF is an invitation to continuously rearrange and recreate things. The individual modules can be stacked above or beside another in different variations. The expandable shelf system is suitable to be used standing on a wall, as a room di

vider or as a single object. Because of the open shelves the room gains more space. The basic material of PLAY SHELF is solid Douglas fir board. In order to highlight the character of the wood, it is planed, polished and only cut in its lengths. The surfa

ce remains untreated. This way the slight red colouring, the beautiful grain and the velvet surface become visible and touchable.

Materialdouglas fir
Colorsshades of brown

Morgen, Germany

Studio Morgen

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