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Vision and Mission
Formulating a common vision is the starting point for all actions. All strategic decisions will be geared towards this vision. Because only those who know their image in the future are able to work on the same. Vision and mission thus specify the guide rails for strategy and create a safe space for profit-orientated thinking and acting in an entrepreneurial manner.

We know who we wish to be in future: Number One! Pure emotion, fascination, and innovation. Parador represents the most attractive laminate, engineered wood, and solid wood floorings as well as wall and ceiling panels!

In addition, we know what we want to do, we know our mission: We design living dreams - simple and beautiful! Parador meets the basic need to equip rooms with floor, wall and ceiling elements. We help people to realize their very personal ideas on residential living and values! The constant analysis of changing values, desires and aspirations, and continuous experimentation with new ideas, provide the necessary basis for such realization!

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