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Plexwood produces a sustainable and strong interior wood material, composed of veneers of end grain wood and wood with the grain, glued crosswise. This gives it the clear line structure and graphical effect. Thanks to the use of end grain wood, our product is generally stronger than regularly cut wood of the same tree.

Plexwood is a material that can be applied conceptually, and is available in 11 product groups and 9 kinds of wood. Our kinds of wood are: Beech, Birch, Deal, Meranti, Oak, Ocoumé, Pine, Pine/Ocoumé, and Poplar. Our products can be used for walls, ceilings and floor applications, as well as staircases, doors, and furniture pieces. Plexwood is available in geometric patterns, and it is suitable for curved applications and for instance for specialized CNC or laser cuttings.

We are specialized in working with architects and designers and all products can be customized to suit our clients’ specific projects. Plexwood products come semi-finished, which allows the designer to choose their own preferred finish; for instance an oil/wax combination, a matte varnish, or a coloured primer and lacquer combination. Additionally, Plexwood panels can be made with fire retardant, damp proof, or for instance zero added formaldehyde substrates. This makes Plexwood suitable for interior applications that require specialty products, such as schools, airports, and maritime- and health care environments.

We are highly dedicated to creating an eco-friendly product. Plexwood is made from production-based wood which is predominantly harvested from forests with sustainable management certifications. We produce for FSC, PEFC, LEED, BREEAM and various Cradle to Cradle projects. Plexwood can meet almost any technical and/or certification standard.

We do not use formaldehyde-based glue and volatile organic compounds in our production. Producing a product as natural as possible is one of our main visions. We take advantage of the natural qualities of end-grain wood, making Plexwood a naturally strong product.

Provided it is treated properly, wood is a highly sustainable material with a long lifespan, and Plexwood in particular is excellently suited for reuse, and features exceptional insulating properties and, finally, can be recycled safely at the end of its life cycle into biomass.

In our production circle wood waste is used for heating the factory, and all packaging material that enters our factory is re-used for shipments. More than 99% of the waste from the production process is recycled!

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