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Product description

Panel flexible is a 2-layer wood product, consisting of a bendable plywood or bendable mdf substrate with a Plexwood veneer on one side, suitable for curved applications such as doors, furniture and walls.

Bendable plywood: Bendable plywood is avai

lable with the grain running in a lengthwise or crosswise beam, depending on the direction in which the Plexwood is to be bended, choose the appropriate substrate

Bendable substrate options: The standard substrate is 8 mm bendable plywood, a substr

ate that is more stable than bendable mdf, but that is less suitable for achieving sharp curves, whereas bendable mdf is less stable than bendable plywood but is more suitable for achieving sharp curves when pre-formed with for instance a vacuum-press

Panel flexible is delivered semi-finished. With the finish the end-result and appearance of the wood is determined. Plexwood can be finished with oil, oil/wax, varnish, PU or epoxy, among others. The appropriate type of finish depends on the applicati


Length1200000 m / 2400000 m
Width1200000 m / 2400000 m
Materialmedium density fibreboard (MDF)
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