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As a global supplier of high-quality perforated metal solutions for industrial wear & tear parts, durable components and building projects, RMIG Solutions is at the forefront when it comes to product development and seamless logistics. We are dedicated to meeting customer requirements in sectors such as agriculture, construction, food production, manufacturing, transportation and marine.

Within building projects, the RMIG City Emotion concept has created a special platform where aesthetics and functionality form a synthesis with long life span and low maintenance costs. Further, perforated and expanded metal solutions offer a new level of creative freedom and a wide range of materials, features and benefits. Sustainable solar shading that reduces the need for cooling in buildings is just one example.

• Contact us regarding applications and solutions for facade cladding, sun screens, balustrades, noise reduction panels and ceilings
• Discover ground-breaking ways to use perforated metal for facades, such as RMIG ImagePerf for projecting images and graphics on buildings
• Use our experts to validate your design ideas and let us handle drawings in CAD, 2D and 3D formats
• Experience the value of our team joining your project to ensure the best possible use of perforated metal solutions

At RMIG Solutions, we follow your project from start to finish together with your skilled staff to make the best use of all resources and pursue common goals of efficiency and productivity. We bend, cut, process and finish your products to make them ready for installation. And with flexible logistics and numbered packaging, we reduce both the risk of error and installation time.

To learn more, get in touch with the specialist team at RMIG Solutions. Our expertise and innovative ideas for architects and the building industry are at your disposal and can take your project to the next level.

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