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The still young SunSquare® brand is based on a sense of élan, innovation and timeless elegance. The key words of the brand can be boiled down to "architecture, design and luxury". This positioning in a necessarily elevated price segment led to an alliance with other design and luxury oriented brands in garden design and interior architecture. At trade fairs SunSquare®, joins with other up market brands to present their lines to discriminating, lifestyle oriented customers under the group title "formel 6 plus".

Since the sale of the first systems in 1995 SunSquare® has expanded throughout Europe, as well as overseas. Outside of its home market of Austria, SunSquare® works through trade partners and licensees, who receive intensive training from SunSquare®.

At present SunSquare® is represented in the following countries: Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Croatia and Australia.

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