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Corian Siedentopf
Design-Studio VONCORI
Birkenallee 16a
50858 Köln

T: +49 (0)221/301 367 89

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The German design studio Voncori produces not only unique furniture, but also accessories, facades and other interior-related creations.

Durable objects that deviate from their archetypes are created here with boldness and curiosity - even using solid materials or complex free forms in order to achieve a high level of aesthetics.
As per guiding principles of this design studio, material purism and conceptual minimalism are contrasted with organic forms, flowing transitions and deliberately planned asymmetries. Once assembled the sculptural presence of these pieces fills rooms with life. They attract glances and stimulate the senses to touch and interact with them. The interplay of form and function flows in elegant harmony.

Much like we choose the people who surround us, let us be just as selective with our commodities. Let them become companions which deserve to be designed with passion. Voncori Studio not only finalises conception, but also handles production in accordance with this philosophy. In close cooperation with experienced craft businesses in Germany the furniture is custom-made in small quantities and individual pieces. In this way sustainable use of materials and quality control can be ensured in every step of the way.

If you are looking for the extraordinary, take a closer look at the award-winning work of Corian Siedentopf‘s design studio, based in Cologne.