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VONDOM is born with the anxiety and inquietude by creating a new form of understanding the world of indoor and outdoor decoration.

One of the most innovator process in the decoration field at the moment , rotational molding, is the main employed technology for the development of the new products, as well as the employment of textiles, metals, glass...

The five elements of the nature release the sensation of attraction above anything, perhaps by their character of immensity.

The same dimension of immensity represents each one of the five lines of the initiative FANGIAIGUA, a proposal of product line focus in the natural world of the best interiors and exterior. 'Foc, llum, aigua, air and fang, five forms to grasp the standard of the beauty.

If we add the experience to technical level and the creative capacity of our own design studio, the result is an initiative with great value, this is without doubt to be VONDOM.

At VONDOM we work to create art, always in search of the natural beauty of the product, giving them their own personality, always bearing in mind the vanguard of contemporary design, simply and balance.

Our products are born with a distinction which makes them special and unique to the rest.

We hope you enjoy them.

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