Presented:ISH 2013, Frankfurt
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Product description

To exploit all the potential and savings offered by eco-friendly fuels such as pellets and firewood, the ideal appliances are those that heat water. These fireplaces and stoves complement traditional heating systems and enable the production of hot water

for radiators and domestic use.
Combined with gas boilers or used as the only heating system in the home, MCZ Hydro products afford significant savings on your fuel bills as well as optimised pellet or firewood consumption, which are no longer used so

lely to produce heat, but also to heat the water in your home.

Pellet stove which heats both the air in the room in which it is installed (through forced draught) as well as the water in the radiators.

Heat output: 22,3 kW – 19178 kcal/h

Efficiency: 93 %
Finishes: White, Black, Bordeaux

Width575 mm
Height1225 mm
Depth560 mm
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MCZ, Italy

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