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MCZ, innovative designs for attractive fires

In 1975, the MCZ Group was established in Pordenone, Friuli, thanks to a business project by Silvio Zanette. The Group immediately proved it was able to enthusiastically and dynamically grow from an artisan firm to an industrial company. Today, Silvio Zanette's son, Giacomo, leads the company while following the same initial goal: to make high-quality products for heating homes and for outdoor cooking, making high investments in innovative technology.

In the 1990s, for example, MCZ was one of the first companies to introduce the pellet system, available today as an alternative to the classic wood-burning system for all the stoves and some fireplaces in its collection. A further important step was made in 2008, with an exclusive patent for the revolutionary Comfort Air® system, the first ventilated air system, which not only heats but also filters air, humidifies, perfumes and illuminates rooms.

With its strategy, MCZ achieved a turnover of 54 million Euros in 2008, with a 45% increase in the last three years, and 60% for export. These figures place MCZ among leading international companies.

With a surface area covering almost 170,000 m2 and the collaboration of 230 employees, the company produces over 150,000 products a year, including barbecues, fireplaces and stoves, which are then distributed in over 35 countries.

Two brands, Sunday, European leader in the masonry-style barbecue sector, and MCZ, a leading brand in Italy in the stove and fireplace sector, not only stand out for their modern and functional design but also for their state-of-the-art technology and high performance. These meet the requirements of increasingly informed and discerning consumers, who are concerned with energy-saving and protecting the environment.

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