Presented:ISH 2013, Frankfurt
Categories: Fireplaces / Heating elementsStoves
Product description

Products featuring “Still” technology have been designed to minimise the acoustic impact and eliminate the noise of ventilation entirely.
For the MCZ Research and Development team, it was not merely a question of eliminating the fan, but rather of comp

letely rethinking the traditional way of designing a stove, pinpointing the factors which have an acoustic impact and finding a solution for each one. The secret behind maximum noiselessness lies inside the appliance, to ensure ultimate natural relaxation


Silent pellet stove, heating via convection, no forced ventilation, wider and more pleasant flame as the one produced by burning wood.

Heat output: 8 kW – 6880 kcal/h
Efficiency: 92 %
Finishes: Black, Bronze

Width555 mm
Height1050 mm
Depth474 mm
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MCZ, Italy