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Product description

Presented at the last edition of “Progetto Fuoco” (Project Fire) in Verona, Tube is MCZ's new pellet stove featuring a minimalist contemporary design and no front outlets. Thanks to its innovative look and round shape, which makes it ideal for corner inst

allation, Tube can rightly be considered an interior design item. Like many MCZ products, Tube also presents a host of technological features provided as standard, such as Active®, a system fitted inside the stove that adapts the combustion air to the qua

ntity of pellets in the brazier and burns it effectively and efficiently, whatever the type of connection to the flue pipe. This occurs with any type of pellet, under any installation conditions and with any type of connection to the flue pipe. With the s

pecial Comfort Air® system patented by MCZ (which is also provided as standard on Tube), several rooms, even unconnected, can be heated from a maximum distance of 8 metres, with an output temperature of 60°C. Thanks to two fans that can be adjusted electr

onically and independently, the system enables the accurate control of the diffusion of heat to the various rooms into which the air is ducted.

Width520 mm
Height1190 mm
Depth610 mm

MCZ, Italy