Product description

Simple shapes and graphical details are Simone Bonanni armchair’s hallmarks. Inconceiving the object, the designer associated MDF Italia collection’s typical features –essentiality, graphical shapes, simplicity, rigour and formal cleaning – with the conceptof rest, quiet, relax, sharing…

Bonanni progressively imagined a padded chair, with generous forms featuring areassuring and welcoming silhouette, made of excess fabrics to give movement to thesurface, thus emphasizing the sense of softness and comfort.In the product’s aesthetic definition, both the designer and the company aimed at gettinga timeless creation, capable of establishing an empathic relationship with the user andhis living space. Siena originates from a long synthesis of curves and volumes to get achair that, due to its architecture, look and structure, can adapt to increasingly newscenarios and trends.

The piece has unique details, which simply mark the high-quality construction andcraftsmanship: the double seam on the backrest highlights shape and tension; The combjoints connect the legs to the wood bases, enhancing the care and manual expertise ofsolid-wood working; An elliptical steel tubing inclined to 45°, a synonymous of technicalexpertise and advanced production.

The small armcharis has a load-bearing shell made of Baydur® (compact technopolymerfor moulding) over-moulded with polyurethane foam rubbers; Seat in metaltubing covered in polyurethane foam rubber. Polyester wadding. Padded small armchairs can be covered in fabric or leather. The upholstery is completelyremovable.

Seat finishwith upholstery
Base finishwith legs
with rockers
Backrest finishwith backrest
with back padding
Armrest finishwith armrests

MDF Italia, Italy

Simone Bonanni