P 68 stool

Product description

There’s no two ways about it: since the arrival of our new P68 side table, we simply can’t take our eyes off of it. Check it out from above or below, or take a walk around it - you’ll never stop discovering new facets. From some angles it’s solid, perhaps even exaggeratedly so. And yet from other angles it appears as delicate as origami. The P68 isn’t just a table, it’s a real quick- change artist. Place it by your bed and it transforms into a nightstand, but it’s just as striking as a footstool for your couch. The P68 is available in natural ash or black. We’d really like to go on singing its praises all day, but we have to get back to looking at it...

Glued and laminated solid wood tabletop. Top thickness: 4 cm. Surface brushed, white pigmented or black lacquered.

Height 460 mm
Diameter 400 mm
Material ash
Colors shades of brown
shades of beige

[more], Germany

Peter Fehrentz

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