Oasis chair

  • Oasis chair
  • Oasis chair
Product description

In an undefined space in which outlines and features merge with the endless landscape, a thread encloses and separates, embracing and encircling the shapes and forms which gradually come to define it. Mirage. Seats appear like oases, places for rest and relief long sought and yearned for, teasing the senses, drawing attention, and ultimately enchanting us.

Like a line of calligraphy, the form of the frame transcends the illusion of surface to become a conceptual and practical exercise that transforms a gesture into repetition and an idea for composition into a complex, coherent system.

Calligraphic sensibility combines tradition with design, the East with the West: separate components that seek and find continuity with no need for a system that connects the various parts.

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Moroso, Italy

Atelier Oï