Do-Lo-Rez 1 hell brown

Presented:Salone del Mobile 2013, Milan
Categories: Floors CarpetsFormated carpets
Product description

Created by Ron Arad, Do-Lo-Rez is a union of two pieces, rug and sofa, conceived as a single element. Created jointly, they form an unusual project that brings the virtual world closer to the real world. Its name comes from the expression “do low resoluti

on”. The idea came to him after seeing a pixelated image in low resolution, which has materialised into a three-dimensional surface. The rug is made by making each square a different height from the ones beside it. On the other hand, its extraordinary for

mat involves multiple vertices that seem like the final pieces of an unfinished puzzle. This game of volume and levels gives free rein to customisation.

Length2760 mm
Width1840 mm
Height36 mm
Weight500 kg
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nanimarquina, Spain

Ron Arad