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Nanimarquina was founded in 1987 as a brand dedicated to the design and edition of rugs and textiles. Since the beginning, the company has designed its products paying special attention to research into raw materials and manufacturing processes. First cre

ations were carpets designed by Nani Marquina herself, in geometrical forms and bright colours, very in tune with the eighties look. After these had been well received, with the aim of establishing the concept of designer carpets, she commissioned several

internationally renowned designers to create new carpets. In 1988 all expectations were exceeded, and the rugs of Mariscal, Peret, Eduard Samsó and Nani Marquina were exported abroad. That same year, nanimarquina decided to launch the concept of c

ollections, with series developing the same design with variations in size and colour. In 1989, and with the same spirit of innovation, the company produced other textiles such as blankets, printed fabrics, towels and cushions. Having established her name

worldwide, nanimarquina embarked in 1993 on her most ambitious business venture: manufacturing in the north of India, where the tradition of craftsmanship offered levels of quality seldom to be found in western industry. From the very beginning, this fus

ion was based on work rationalisation strategies that allow the craftsmen to attain better levels of productivity without resorting to mechanisation.This combination did not take long to influence the development of the pieces themselves, allowing rigorou

s experimentation increasingly far removed from mass production. Today, nanimarquina is a market leader in the textile decoration sector, and its collections are successfully marketed in over forty-five countries across five continents. Loyal to its princ

iples, it currently works with young designers such as Ana Mir, Emili Padrós, Mariana Eidler, Oriol Guimerà, Martí Guixé, Tord Boontje, Ricard Ferrer, Martín Azúa, Gerard Moliné and Renske Papavoine. In 200

5, the second generation was incorporated into the management of the Company and a new line of rugs aimed at the professional sector was presented: nanimarquina basic. In 2006 the company receives the National Design Award for the development of a busines

s rooted in design. In the same year nanimarquina is awarded with the Premi Cambra a la Gestió del Disseny 2005 (Chamber Award of Design Management) granted by Chamber of Comerce of Barcelona and BCD. The company won the The Set of the Stand and it

s Content Award and the Press Award at Valencia Furniture Fair 2006 and Nani Marquina received the Premio FIDEM a la Mujer Emprendedora 2006 (FIDEM Award to the Businesswoman 2006). In 2007 the firm got two nominations to the Príncipe Felipe Award

for Company Excellence 2006-2007 and to the Design modality and Business Competence PYME.

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