Topissimo Multi Reds

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Product description

This collection, clearly inspired on polka dots, is born from the exploration of a third dimension in rugs, which has been done by converting the polka dots into volume. The result are a series of practically flat rugs with a different touch provided by t

he coloured polka dots that stand out, giving the impression of movement that varies according to the lighting. Available in two versions, either multi-coloured or two- tones of the same colour, enabling them to be combined with colourful as well as neutr

al and delicate decors while always offering a unique and novel appearance.

Length2000 mm / 1700 mm
Width2500 mm / 2400 mm
Colorsshades of blue
shades of violet
shades of red
shades of orange
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nanimarquina, Spain

Nani Marquina