Flight Linear

Flight Linear
Stylepark-ID: 04.2307.00022
Categories: Interior lightingSurface mounted lightsWall mounted lights
Product description

Flight Linear is simple in shape and construction, and captures the eye thanks to its distinctively positioned light source. Hidden between the wall and the back of the lamp, the light emanates through a slit and bursts onto the surface between the two wi

ngs of a simple bent aluminium sheet. The flowing form of the metal sheet, the unexpected effect of the light, and the thinness of the material confer a particular sense of lightness to this creation, available in two versions, either anodized both inside

and out, or anodized outside and painted white internally.

Stand/ mounting fixed mounting
Length 760 - 1060 mm
Height 96 mm
Depth 78 mm
Material aluminium
Colors white

Nemo, Italy

Roberto Paoli