Float Shelf

Product description

[How can I use this product?]
Designed as a versatile storage option, the Float Shelf is open to diverse interpretations – holding a book as a bedside or side table, bearing weight as wall console, storing a magazine collection, serving as a compact standing desk, or safeguarding small personal essentials as a hallway tray. The Float Shelf equally adds a touch of character to hotel rooms, boutique accommodation and boardinghouses.

[Design language]
Embodying purity at its most elegant degree, the strict geometry of this wall-mounted shelf lends its form a sculptural appeal. The Float Shelf consists of two offset levels cut from a single sheet of aluminum, with a simple two-fold composition allowing for flexible placement, use and display. Referencing the reduced aesthetic principles of modernism in the Bauhaus tradition, its design distils the essence of a shelf.

Crafted to precision from a powder coated sheet of 3mm aluminum, the Float Shelf measures 400 x 200 x 66 mm and available in seven finished: Luminous Orange, Luminous Green, Rose, Light-Grey, Yellow, Black and Raw Aluminium.

Width400 mm
Height66 mm
Depth200 mm


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