A special kind of tree house
A tree house as a meeting room, the ideal location to spend time discussing issues relating to sustainability and the environment. Photo: © baumraum

Most of the time, tree houses are simple, wooden structures thrown together for children to play in, but there are a few rather elegant, grown-up versions floating around. Architect Andreas Wenning now specializes in designing structures at lofty heights. He has already realized floating abodes under the open sky for hotels in Germany, Argentina and Florida, either suspended from trees or, where nature hadn’t provided the necessary framework itself, on stilts. In the Belgian municipality of Hechtel-Eksel, close to the German border, he has now conceived a meeting room for international paper manufacturer Sappi. Working together with other cooperation partners, the aim was to create a meeting space whereby sustainability was made a priority from the very first sketch. Accordingly, they chose wood as their main building material: installed in line with an elegant, timeless formal vocabulary. The rounded structure, the sloping supports and the roof, which envelops the entire building, lend the tree house a unique futuristic aesthetic. The conference area is divided across two floors, 5.5 meter and 6.5 meter above the ground, respectively, offering a free view of the surrounding landscape and even including a café and lounge area, and service facilities.
When it came to the lighting concept the clients opted for sustainable LED lamps by Nimbus; the innovative technology won them over with its long project life, high energy efficiency and low power consumption. The lamps from the Modul Q series fit in well with the modern design in the lounge, which has been designed to hold both meetings and seminars. Outside in the natural surroundings and way up high among the trees, this is a place where groups can meet to discuss issues relating to sustainability and environmental protection, “on the ground” so to speak. But you can also rent the lounge for other occasions; after all, it doesn’t always have to be work, work, work.

A tree house as a meeting room, the ideal location to spend time discussing issues relating to sustainability and the environment. Photo: © baumraum
Keeping things simple and flexible: a meeting room for 15 people 6.5 meters above the ground. Photo: © baumraum
The Modul Q series is well-suited for use outdoors, even for tree houses. Photo: © nimbus
The wooden structures and warm light generated by the LED lamps lend the tree house a cozy, relaxed atmosphere. Photo: © baumraum
LED modules were also installed in the ceiling and kitchen units in the café-lounge area. Photo: © baumraum
At 10 millimeters, Model Q 64 model is extremely flat and as such is easy to integrate into ceilings and in-built furnishings. Photo: © nimbus
The Modul Q with 36 holes. The square module is available in four different versions. Photo: © nimbus
The modules with the fitting name affix “IQ” have an in-built daylight and presence control. Photo: © nimbus


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