Al dente!

Alfredo Häberli interpretiert
Belottis „Spaghetti Chair“.

Jan 14, 2016

Summer, sun, leisure and la dolce vita – the “Spaghetti Chair” embodies them all, designed by Giandomenico Belotti in 1979 for Alias. Alfredo Häberli has turned his attention to this design icon and developed a respectful homage to it for the “Featured Editions” at the imm cologne. It consists of a limited edition of a total of seven chairs, which charmingly and yet insightfully exceed all the customary dimensions.

What did you find so exciting about this chair?

Alfredo Häberli: The “Spaghetti Chair” intrigued me right away. Not only because of its being so light, so graphical and radical, but also because it is so comfortable and thought through. From the very outset, its proportions and materials spoke to me. I had the pleasure of meeting Giandomenico at an Alias Designers Dinner and was impressed by the strength and independence of his works. It’s something you seldom find in products nowadays.
When I was sitting on the chair or simply standing in front of it, “Spaghetti” talked to me: Countless images came to mind together with stories and anecdotes relating to the chair. I thought that if Giandomenico Belotti managed to design such an extreme chair before I had even started working as a designer, then all the images in my head, the search for ideas for a re-interpretation could be a source of particular joy.

How many versions of each of your Spaghetti Chairs will there be?

The complete collection will extend to seven chairs..

Sketch installation for the Featured Editions at the imm cologne 2016. Image © Cappellini