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Furniture that does brilliantly in functional and aesthetic terms, both in your own four walls and in classic office spaces. That is something Arper was achieving even before remote working became all the fashion.

In our Stylepark Magazine we’ve already familiarized you with this year’s novelties courtesy of the family-owned and internationally successful Arper corporation. Among them was the airy “Aeeri” table (the brainchild of Peter Kunz), the highly expressive “Ghia” side tables (courtesy of Studio Altherr Dèsile Park) and the super-comfy “Shaal” sofa system designed by Doshi Levien. At the upcoming Orgatec, it’s also well worth taking a look at Arper’s existing ranges: the new items and the established classics can easily be combined to create a flexible interior collage for remote work from inside your own four walls or for the classic office setting outside the home. We’ve purposefully selected seven products for you that will doubtless inspire your everyday working life and likewise smoothly overcome all the new challenges.

"Cila Go"

The first of the pack is the “Cila Go” collection, which leaves absolutely nothing to chance: The different variants can be selected entirely to fit your needs, be it a seat, storage space or a swivel-out laptop table that you require, or ideally a swivel chair complete with a five-star base and writing rest, not to mention a practical stool with storage space of its own and a cushioned seat. Lievore Altherr dreamed up this marvelous mobile system that enhances interaction in the workplace and leaves ample scope for personal wishes – from the basic structure right through to the choice of colors.


Arper’s “Paravan” enables you to subdivide a space into different zones. Likewise masterminded by Lievore Altherr, the modular system offers panels of different heights, shapes, and curvatures that can be combined flexibly at will. And you can select from a multiplicity of colored covers for the noise-absorbing panels. Practical add-ons come in the guise of “Paravan Mood,” with boards, hooks, mirrors, magazine racks, shelves, and a desk calendar.

"Kiik" & "Paravan Mood"

The ideal office fit-out continues in the form of versatile islands that include tables, side tables, upholstered stools, and consoles: “Kiik,” designed by Ichiro Iwasaki, provides the perfect basis for a relaxed meeting, for working with a laptop, or for a short breather. All the elements in the collection boast practical USB ports. Thanks to the modularity of the system, which features three different lengths, depending on what you need, you can combine upholstered seats and side tables in different formats. And, of course, choose from a broad range of fabrics, leather, and coated materials for the seat covers.


If you need new chairs, then the “Stacy” collection by Lievore Altherr is ideal: The backrest and seat are made of robust polypropylene and come in either monochrome or polychrome versions. The clear, runner-shaped base frame can also be outfitted with armrests if so desired. Lievore Altherr likewise come good on full flexibility as regards the fit-out: “Stacy” optionals include removal boards, spacers, ranking systems, and connectors for the chairs. “Stacy” was also designed with protracted seminars in mind: The slight tilt in the backrest and the “waterfall shape” of the seat’s profile ensure the sitter enjoys ergonomic comfort even during lengthy sessions.


The “Kinesit” chairs courtesy of Lievore Altherr Molina are swivel chairs that sit well both at home and in the office. The mechanical parts are hidden away beneath the surface of the seat. The adjustable stiffening to support the lower back is similarly integrated into the backrest. The swivel chair has an unusually elegant, uncluttered shape as a consequence – with fixed or adjustable armrests depending on what you want. The final product can be delivered in leather or with any of Arper’s broad array of upholstery covers. The latest, advanced version is “Kinesit Met,” and boasts a completely upholstered backrest with a new range of colors to choose from as well as aluminum armrests.

"Aston Club"

If what you want is more striking upholstery, then “Aston Club” by Jean-Marie Maussaud comes into its own. With a broad seat shell completely covered with either fabric, coated fabric, or leather, as well as a four-star aluminum base, “Aston Club” is definitely an eye-catching and sculptural addition to your room. The collection includes a lounge chair (two different backrest heights are available) that can be combined with a matching footrest. The internal components in the line are made of recycled industrial plastic and can be completely taken apart and removed, meaning all the materials can be reused or recycled.


Sustainability was also a priority for Lievore + Altherr Désile Park when they designed “Adell,” after all, the seat shell is made of recycled polypropylene and the covers are 80-percent recycled polypropylene. Once again, the entire structure can be easily broken down into its various parts. “Adell” also features a very specially-shaped lounge seat shell. Its texture features a refined ring pattern somehow reminiscent of the rings in a tree trunk. “Adell” has four either wooden or metal legs or metal runners if so wished, and is thus great for use both indoors or outdoors, depending on the version chosen. (am)

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