Arper is a global design brand that envisions products for the ways we live.
Founded in 1989 as an evolution of a leather artisan enterprise launched by the Feltrin family in the 1980s, the company was created by the father Luigi (President of Honour until his passing in 2020), together with his sons Mauro and Claudio Feltrin, current President.
A family-owned and independent company driven by a deep sensitivity to those who use its products, Arper offers, through empathetic and enduring solutions and products, a perspective of the contemporary way of life that expresses needs for fluidity and versatility.

Arper approaches design through the project of living, a dialogue that embraces change, whether it concerns the world as a whole or people as they evolve:
“Underlying everything we do is a sensitivity towards the communities, relationships, environments, and individuals for whom we design. We believe that spaces shape ideas. We aspire to a beautiful world. We create furnishings that support harmonious, comfortable living in its many forms that inspire and grow with us over time. We create spaces and solutions to move forward with intelligence and ease. Together, with our clients and partners, we design the world we want to live in, with openness and humanity”.
Sustainability plays a central role for Arper, which aims to become "an example of responsible business", as commented by Roberto Monti, CEO, by implementing sustainability in the organization's culture, as well as in its processes and products.

The strong drive to succeed in the international markets
has distinguished the company since its inception. Arper develops about 90 percent of its sales in international markets: in addition to Europe, the U.S., the Middle and Far East contribute to the total turnover of 62 million in 2022. Arper is distributed in 90 countries.

The company employs a total of 280 people
in Italy and abroad. Arper owns 15 spaces around the world. Of these, six are the headquarters of the Group's subsidiaries: New York, (Arper USA), Dubai (Arp Middle East), London (Arper UK), Tokyo (Arper Japan), Shanghai (Arper China) and Mexico City (Arper LATAM); The showrooms in Milan, Cologne, Amsterdam, Oslo, Chicago and Los Angeles are used as exhibition spaces, branded spaces and meeting points for local design communities. There is also an in-house showroom at the Treviso Headquarters. Lastly the meeting hub in Munich (Germany) and the branch in Singapore complete the list.


Arper SpA

Via Lombardia, 16
31050 Monastier di Treviso (TV)

T: +39 0422 7918
F: +39 0422 791800

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