Artemide 2020: BONTÀ

Attila Veress and Davide Oldani set culinary delights in the right light with the "Bontà" portable luminaire for Artemide.

Attila Veress and Davide Oldani have created for Artemide a combination of white opal glass body and glass bowls in different sizes and colours, which are placed on top of it: "Bontà". In the bowls, it is possible to present dishes which are then be spotlighted with soft, indirect light from below. Furthermore, the bowls can be moved flexibly independently of the luminaire – for example, on a decorative wooden coaster. An additional accent in the ensemble is set by the metallic cladding of the base of the luminaire, which is available in brass, silver and titanium. The colour of the glass bowl is also manufactured to match, from a warm yellow to dark brown. (am)