The Artemide Group, founded by Ernesto Gismondi and Sergio Mazza in 1959, today operates throughout the world, through 16 subsidiary and affiliated companies, and 35 exclusive distributors.
They have production centres in Italy, France, Germany, the USA, Hungary and the Czech Republic. In a policy aimed at satisfying all lighting needs, the Artemide group has recently acquired companies that reinforce its position as a world leader and further diversifies the offerings.

For contexts of life: Artemide offers not only lamps for moments of relaxation at home, but also large sophisticated installations for lighting public and private professional activities. Technological and productive expertise is achieved through Research and Development Centres, with the product planning and engineering section, laboratories for technical conformity and self-certification tests, and production units equipped with avant-garde processes.

A production structure that can offer expertise in the processing of traditional materials such as glass, as well as the capacity for innovation with recently introduced materials, such as titanium. Lighting performance characteristics: extend from a light with atmosphere, variable, coloured, to the most precise of lights for community environments.

The vast range of options reflects the commitment of the whole organisation to provide product guaranteed by the Artemide brand, throughout the world, with an image that is strong and consistent: that of a leader in the lighting field.


Artemide Group S.p.A.

Via Bergamo 18
20010 Pregnana Milanese (MI)

T: (+39) 02/93518.1 - 93526.1
F: (+39) 02/93590.254 - 93590.496

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