The act of high-speed design based on fundamental theoretical research to maximize the generation of ideas,” reads the introduction of Axel Schindbeck’s final-year thesis. For his degree the Stuttgart Art Academy graduate designed one new product every day for 11 weeks in a move to demonstrate their extremely short life-span. Some of the products make sense, others don’t, which is something the designer consciously intended. On the other hand, there is a touch of ingenuity about these everyday items. Take, for example, the inflatable garbage can that is disposed after use, the doorknob that doubles up as a door wedge, the smoker’s umbrella destined to protect cigarettes from the rain, and the democratic tennis racket that comes with two grips. Schindlbeck, who runs his firm MNTNT together with his partner and technology buff Fred Mauclere, is interested less in the aesthetic appeal of design products and more in everyday objects that forge a liaison between man and technology.